Press Release -- Change Requests for CSDR – Penalty reporting


Change Requests for CSDR – Penalty reporting

Some of the CSDR requirements will hit the whole community in Europe: the fees that will, in future, be charged for late matching and / or late settlement need to find their way into the reporting mechanisms of our ISO15022 landscape.

Where the decision has been made to develop new reports within the ISO20022 world, the market was as well debating how and where this should or needs to be reflected in the MT world (ISO 15022). We think that it is good, that we commonly decided that this is needed and that we as well agreed on the message types that should be used for that: MT548 and MT537. Two change requests have been raised to enhance the current messages to allow a reporting of the fees in future. As at the point of discussion, the final text of the regulation was still not published, we took the decision to agree on placeholders in the first instance that need to be filled with life once we know exactly what needs to be reported. Yes, there was some criticism about this, but we learned out of the past, that it might be better to have an incomplete solution than none.

So we are looking not only forward, but as well actively support the final specification of the Change Requests to have it ready when it´s due.



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